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This site is dedicated to Christmas and animated Christmas lighting decorations


Tune to FM Stereo 90.7 MHz

In 2016 we received special notice for this annimated Christmas light show. Redfin has included us in its "The Best Neighborhoods to See Holiday Lights in 2016". Click on the link and then scroll down to read the section on the Kansas City area (about half-way down). It is an honor for us to be included in this Holiday light review, especially in the same section as the Plaza Lights. Enjoy!


When the show is on, tune to stereo FM 90.7 MHz to hear the music.

You can find specific details of this year's show on the Display page of this site.

2014 display with mega tree

Please join us for this Christmas animated lighting display between Thanksgiving and New Year's.
The show runs between 5:30 and 10:30 PM each evening.
The address is 9708 & 9717 Lee Blvd. in Leawood, Kansas 66206 (SEE MAP)
To hear the music on your car radio, tune to FM Stereo 90.7 MHz.
You can also stand on the sidewalk and hear the music play.

This display uses 100% LED lighting

Yes, that is right: two houses, right across the street from one another. This makes for a fun display!

Let's not forget that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season!!

This display is on a major suburban street. It is a very busy street, especially during rush-hour. You can pull to the side of the street to view and listen to the show. You can also park on 97th street to the north or 97th Terrace to the south and, weather permitting, walk up the sidewalk to view and listen to the show. By parking and walking up the sidewalk, you can get a better view of the lights. You will be able to hear the music over the provided speakers. Please DO NOT block the streets or any driveways. Also, for your safety, PLEASE stay on the sidewalk and watch your children! Safety First - Fun Second.

We also ask that you be courteous to others around you. Also, please turn off the headlights on your vehicle while leaving the parking lights on.

The videos for 2017 have started to appear. Click here to see them.

We hope that you enjoy our Christmas gift to the community!